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Sorry to disappoint but no idea who this Jericho chap is. 

Lucy, do I know you?

Our street and in particular our house was plagued with Anti Social activities of a gang of around 15-25 people aged 10-25 a few years ago.

Having exhausted all the remedies offered by Housing Hartlepool, HBC and Cleveland Police a serving officer pulled me to one side and gave me this advice:

"Give one of the older ones a clip next time you're not outnumbered but do it where there's no witnesses. It will work"

The police shouldn't have to get to the point of advising people to take things into their own hands, nor should the police be able to do that sort of things themselves but the force is hamstrung by so much red tape and lack of resource.

In Cleveland it's worse due to the high level of senior officers who are incapable of managing anything effectively or worse, potentially corrupt.

Cleveland are top heavy and I would imagine that bugets and salaries reflect that.

The policing element of our council tax bills is disproportionately high in comparison to the service and coverage that Hartlepool receives. We're big enough to almost warrant our own force, it's something we or rather our MP should have explored before now.

Failing that we should seek to get rid of Cleveland Police and replace with Durham Constabulary.

So what do you post under on there?

Fawkes Sake - Spot on

The other thing to remember about this is that you don't necessarily have to have no money to be "Bankrupt".

All it takes is something that swallows up the liquidity needed to service the expenditure required to operate and it doesn't matter one bit what other assets HBC have or payments they may be receiving in the future.

Of course if this ever happens a lot of shady relationships may come into play and favours will be granted in return for the cash required.

Local Issues and Matters / Re: Careful What You Vote For
« on: May 15, 2014, 12: PM »
What you've got to realise with UKIP is that they have a lot of genuinely awful people representing them, they are also building up a manifesto to pander to those who have fairly nationalistic tendencies but feel the BNP has too much of a bad reputation.

There's probably an element of appealing to and having members of the EDL joining as well.

At the same time all of the mainstream political parties are working hard ahead of the European elections to talk up the danger of UKIP as much as possible. They're doing this so that when the General Election rolls round they can say "If you don't vote for us, the UKIP nutters will get in!"

They're doing it to try and reverse the general decline in turnout using the time old tactic of create fear, offer a solution.

Local Issues and Matters / Re: Teesside Very Limited
« on: May 10, 2014, 11: AM »
What's the figure on Dinsdale or Allens West/Eaglescliffe?

In fairness they put so few trains on that route it's pointless using the train.

I'm there weekly and it's easier to get there by bike than it is by public transport.

International Affairs / Re: Why are we involved AGAIN????
« on: May 07, 2014, 08: PM »
That would be fossil fuel rich Nigeria would it?


That's partly what I'm trying to draw out.


Mican - If someone in my ward comes up with answers that I like,  demonstrate they're thinking in the way I'd expect someone representing me to think and convince me that they effect positive change then yes I'll vote for them.

There's my answer and buried somewhere in the infamous 30 odd page blog I am on record as saying the same thing.

Great Dictator: I will bet you 5,000 here and now that I'm not Harry and am prepared to meet you any time and any place to prove the point. I'll even buy the drinks since I'll be collecting.

Also note I'm on pre-mod again, why?

The question is about personal opinions, thoughts and ideas not what a party line is.


Happy to meet up somewhere. Given your ward neighbours the one I live in, it's important that myself and others in neighbouring wards are able to get an insight into your thinking. Will have a look at my diary once I'm back in the office tomorrow and sort something out.

Exile - I'm most definitely not Harry, I'm sure Harry would be quite offended by the notion that he'd use a pseudonym. Happy to meet you too if it proves the point.

Local Issues and Matters / Re: North East Ambulance Service
« on: May 05, 2014, 02: PM »
I don't expect a meaningful answer but since he was being openly critical of the service in a number of media outlets I thought I'd ask him what, if anything he'd done to prevent the scaling back of the local ambulance services and his opinion on my statement that one of the main causes of them being over stretched was the closure of the hospital meaning that ambulances were in transit for longer between base/incident/hospital and that less people were able to transport themselves to hospital.

I don't expect he even cares, but has been told to prod at the ambulance service by the party.


Joanne Banks has said she would answer but given it's a bank holiday I doubt I'll be hearing today.

Appreciate you're all very busy but it could be a great campaign opportunity to get your ideas out there.

Steve - That's another personal insult you've hurled in my direction. You're entitled to your opinion and I have thick skin. Thanks for confirming you're not going to bother though.

Local Issues and Matters / Re: Free-for-all continues
« on: May 05, 2014, 12: PM »
I suspect in at least one instance it's gone to Vela to facilitate the purchase of land to build affordable homes on, guess who owned the land in the instance I have in mind?

Local Issues and Matters / Re: North East Ambulance Service
« on: May 05, 2014, 10: AM »
I've asked Iain Wright a couple of questions on the ambulance service, still awaiting a reply.

They've acknowledged receipt though. Will post outcomes on here.

I've started contacting other candidates on this.

David Riddle and Steve Latimer, do you intend to answer this?

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